Thursday, April 24, 2014

Swim, bike, run... victory!

Earlier this month, Mike and I completed our first triathlon.  It is hard to believe it now, but back on April 6, we were there, in South Beach, pre-dawn, walking to the transition zone to get set up while partiers were still wandering from club to club.  And there we were a few hours later, downing Gatorade, icy towels around our necks, done.

And then there we were, parked by my dad's pool, for the entire rest of the day.
Since we trained in Toronto in winter, I never got a chance to test myself in race conditions.  That is, outdoors, let alone outdoors in warm weather.  All biking, swimming, and running took place inside the YMCA.  All I can say is, thank goodness for Youtube.  This winter, we learned to do a lot of things via Youtube, including how to swim properly, how to transition in a triathlon, and how to put on a tri wetsuit.  The race weekend marked the first time I swam in a wetsuit, the first time I swam in the ocean (vs. playing around in the water), my first time riding a road bike, my first time running on loose sand.  It all could have gone so wrong.

Though I blocked a lot of it out during the event itself, there was some serious fear leading into the race.  Fear of panicking in the water, fear of crashing on the bike, fear of a flat tire.  May I never forget the feeling I had with two miles left in the bike, when it was clear I was going to finish this race.  I whooped out loud.  Oh man, oh man, oh man.

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