Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Utah: The Beautiful Death Hollow

2014 Utah trip continued...


Sunday morning we were up bright and early to drive to the Boulder Mail Trail trailhead.  Thank goodness we failed to make it there the night before.  We would have been too exhausted to appreciate the insane views of Grand Staircase - Escalante.
Yeah.  I know.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Utah: Orange is my favorite color

We drove down a road, said "that looks neat", and starting hiking.
Photo by Katherine
Around 4:15pm on the Saturday of Easter Weekend, Christen, Katherine, and I were driving down a dirt road in southern Utah.  The day had been filled with out-of-this-world hiking and at least one too-close encounter with a snake.  The night before, we had scrapped our plan of backpacking in Buckskin Gulch due to weather (notwithstanding the assurances of this dude's long-lost cousin at the permit office) and needed a new destination.  On the back of a map, we read about some backpacking "mail trail" 75ish miles north of here.  Would it be worth it?  Would we get horribly lost?  Hem.  Haw.  And so on.  Suddenly, almost in unison, we decided to just go for it.  Within 45 minutes, we had sped back to the tent, packed up our campsite, and were on our way north.  I questioned, for a moment, whether we were being crazy.  But it worked out.  It all worked out so incredibly well.

That, dear readers, encapsulates my second annual visit to southern Utah.  Here's how the first half of the weekend went.

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