Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The World Cup in Toronto

My first visit to Toronto was during the World Cup 2006.  (Has it really been eight years?!)  One of my favorite memories is walking past a sports bar with Mike on his lunch break from his summer job and watching a bit of one of the games with a crowd on the sidewalk outside some random restaurant with TVs visible from the street.  Toronto loooooves the World Cup.

Now I live here, and I get it even more.  Thursday night, I biked home through Little Portugal as usual, and I knew that Brazil had won the opening match because of all the horn honking and jersey-wearing crowds cheering in the streets.

Little Italy just before the Italy-England game.  

Saturday morning, we went to the Danforth (Greektown) at 10am, and crowds were already chanting in preparation for the noon Greece game.

Saturday evening, we walked through Little Italy, during the "Taste of Little Italy", at the start of the Little Italy match.

Last night, I got a reminder from my hockey team that I should check the World Cup schedule before driving to our next game, and consider how whoever is playing that day - in Brazil - will affect traffic on my route in Toronto.

This city has its perks.

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