Friday, February 19, 2016

Summer: a love story

It hasn't been the soul-crushing winter of yesteryear, but it's still good to remember the summer. When I think back all I see is that orange haze of evening, when everything is warm and calm and I am surrounded by my dearest friends.

The view from Katherine's bridal shower weekend

Lunch after a ride through Niagara wine country

Fourth of July in Ohio!!

More bike riding...

Watching the Pan Am games literally cycle through the city.

And seeing the Blue Jays at the beginning of their incredible run, from the comfort of my aunt and uncle's hotel room.

Climbed a mountain on my bike

And we climbed one on our feet (near Lake Placid)

Right back atcha... at Katherine's wedding

Always time for a dip!
And ending the season in style in Norfolk with more good times with Ohio folk.

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