Sunday, April 24, 2016

Canadian Rockies Part 2: Not quite what I expected in Jasper National Park

Five months is a reasonable amount of time to pass before finishing up a two-part blog series about our fall trip to the Rockies, right?

I thought so.

Ever since Mike suggested we move to Canada, Jasper had been my white whale - the place that, in my daydreams, would be my nirvana. So you can understand how I was let down. Looking back at the photos, though, it seems I was being just a tad bit unreasonable.

Pretty sure I took this photo from the road...

In Maligne Canyon

Searching for moose.

Edith Cavell Meadows, post-wildflower season. Those are people down there.

Waiting for clear skies to look at the stars.

Regardless, one day we decided to go big before we went home.*** We drove over to Mt. Robson and hiked 26 miles to Emperor Falls and back along the Berg Lake Trail.

*** It wasn't so much that we decided to do a marathon as that we still had water and food left and things kept getting better and better. 

And it was AWESOME. Huge mountain - check. Incredible views - check. Thundering waterfall - check. Stream-braided valleys - check. Enough said. Let's get to the photos!

And hanging bridges!

When we turned back, some backpackers who were heading farther up said, "C'mon! Berg Lake is only another 6 km!" Easy to say when you've got a tent on your back. :)

Would do again.

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